License Key Registration

This information is for an old version

This page contains information about Smart Shooter 3, which is an older version of the app. Smart Shooter 4 is now available to download and try!

After purchasing a license for Smart Shooter 3, you will receive an email containing the license key information. This email is sent to the same email address that you specified when making the purchase.

The license email contains the license key in the text of the email. The screenshot below shows an example of the license email, with the license key text highlighted in yellow.

Registering the license key

When Smart Shooter 3 is started, it will show the following window. Click the Enter Activation Number button.

The Activation window, as shown below, is where you can enter your license key. So, copy the license key text from you email, and then paste it into the box here.

Once the license has been checked and verified, you will see the confirmation as shown below.

If you ever need to deactivate the license, you can click the menu item as shown below. You may need to do this if you want to install the software on another computer and use the same license there.

Previous Versions

Version 3.26 and earlier of Smart Shooter 3 used a different licensing system. For information on how to register older versions, please refer to the legacy Registration documentation.