This information is for an old version

This page contains information about Smart Shooter 3, which is an older version of the app. Smart Shooter 4 is now available to download and try!


Mark Ruff, 3D Body Scan, Master of Photography (AIPP)

Smart Shooter does everything I expect as a professional multiple camera array photographer. It is easy to use and very robust. Customer service is great. Kuvacode also implement suggestions in a timely manner. It is a great work in progress. I could not be more happy with this software.

Works Awesome on my Nikon D600

by umbasa, May 21 2014, version 2.18 - 5/5 stars

Wow! Love it. Works like a charm for my Nikon D600. Click the “focus” button, put the small square in the photo section you want it to focus on, select “auto-focus” and it refocuses on that spot you selected. Shoot it! Now, change the ISO, aperture, and shutter setting, and the photo will shoot with those settings. But to see the live-view screen change on the fly - use the “exposure +/-“ and not only with the shot change - the live-view will display the exposure for you. White-balance will update in live-view mode. Shoot to card, computer or both - no problem. Change the default folder on the computer - no problem. Video - I haven’t got it to work.

Great accessory for studio photography

by philpion, September 25 2013, version 2.12 - 5/5 stars

Very satisfying application, chosen after testing other similar offerings. In spite of its higher price, I found Smart Shooter to be a stabler and more usable tool than anything I compared it to in the App Store. The current 2.12 edition corrects one of the few glitches that I found in the previous version concerning camera connection. It now works flawlessly. Great work and a joy to use. I'm particularly impressed by the ability to control all camera settings either from the camera, with updated display on the computer, or directly from the computer. This is an invaluable accessory to anyone doing studio photography.

Works better than expected

by Mattmerk, March 17 2013, version 2.6 - 5/5 stars

I have had to manually shoot exposure brackets through the entire range of shutter speeds at one f-stop increments to create panoramic irradiance maps using a robotic panorama head. Sadly the robot doesn't have very good camera bracket control and doing it by hand, even with the lightest touch, can nudge the camera causing a total start-over. Fortunately for me, Smart Shooter turns my bracketed photo acquisition at each camera position of the panorama into a button push! If your needs are not as demanding as mine, you are going to be even happier than I am. This app is fantastic. Oh, and did I mention timelapse HDR? Nice!

Still a great purchase

by Peso Penguin, January 12 2013, version 2.4 - 5/5 stars

I reviewed this on the last version, and have just updated to the latest one. Its still working great for me, the background image feature has been usefull a couple of times, and the reliability is unchanged and perfect. I was hoping that this update would bring some EXIF information from the photos, but alas no, fingers crossed its included in the next one!

Perfect for accurate product photography

by MayorOfMonkeys, August 28 2012, version 2.1 - 5/5 stars

Just upgraded from previous version and delighted with the new features. This is not only better than Nikon's own Camera Control Pro software, but also somehow manages to be far cheaper too! The live view mode is perfect for product shots, you can line up, focus, and preview everything in real time, any scene adjustments are previewed in real time before you need to take a shot. The app lets you zoom in on a particular area of the live view so for me it's a more accurate way of focusing than the camera viewfinder. And it's pretty cool to be able to tether both my Nikon and Canon at the same time.

Excellent for controlling DSLR, at an amazing price

by Roger Brisson on Monday, November 28 2011, version 1.1.11 - 5/5 stars

I've been using this app with my D5100 and a 27" iMac, and the combination makes for a powerful digitizing workstation. I've used it for several weeks now, and it has worked like a swiss watch in terms of reliability. I provides me with a wide range of control over my camera, I've even adapted a script to do automated time-lapse shooting of several hundred images. The software is awesome, especially at the price. Highly recommended.

Great Application! Must for Macro & Still Life work

by Robbinstucky on Sunday, September 11 2011, version 1.1.7 - 5/5 stars

I have been searching high & low for a Mac application to shoot tethered with my Nikon D7000 & my favorite macro lens: Tamron 90mm SP. After a little troubleshooting to get the software to connect properly with my D7000 (hint: remove the memory cards from the camera) I was able to focus my motor-less Tamron lens using the on-screen focus adjustment buttons, not having to touch the camera once my composition is set is a great enhancement to my macro photography. If you've seen the joke that is Nikon's own Camera Control 2 for Mac, you will be very pleased with this software at half the price. This is the software Nikon should have written for Mac users. Perhaps Francis can get Nikon to buy if from him and retire early! ;) I'm looking forward to how this great application develops. I need to give props to Francis for being very responsive to my support requests and working diligently to get me shooting with this software.

Great, but can be challenging at first

by  on Monday, August 1 2011, version 1.1.7 - 4/5 stars

I'm using this app with the Canon 7D, and it works great. All of the controls such as, aperture, shutter speed, ISO ect. work great for controlling the camera. The only problem you may run into, is the programming commands for the camera. I wanted to make a timelapse, and for that you need a script that automatically controls the camera to take pictures. There is an example script on the smart shooter website, but to make that work you need to save it as a text file. I tried all kinds of applications (on my mac), ie text editor, micorsoft word, but after a few hours of fiddleing around, and thinking I wasted my money on this app, I found the AppleScript Editor, which was already installed on my mac, was the only thing that worked to allow me to save a script as a text file, and load it into Smart Shooter. So in the end, this was definitely worth the money.

Fantastic App and support is for real

by toddtwilson on Wednesday, April 13 2011, version 1.1.4 - 5/5 stars

This is my second review I realize but rarely do you get support for anything let alone programming support from the author. I thought version 1 was ALMOST perfect, cheaper and better than everything else I tried like Nikon camera control pro for example. This interface is easy but powerful - just like apple....I had one problem that I couldn't figure out and even had apple techs across the country working on it. The solution was as simple as emailing the author who wrote it into the program for me! Support is great, author has contacted ME a few times updating on the progress even. If you are like me support of a product is a key issue and this one gets 5 stars for that alone- the product just happens to be fantastic too.