Time Lapse

This information is for an old version

This page contains information about Smart Shooter 3, which is an older version of the app. Smart Shooter 4 is now available to download and try!

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A video of this is also available on YouTube.

This example demonstrates how Smart Shooter 3 can be used for time lapse photography.

Smart Shooter 3was used to run a script, which allowed the user to specify how many photos were taken, and the time interval between each photo. In total 78 photos were taken, which are shown below.

Move the slider to change the photo

Here is a screen shot of the Script Controls window from Smart Shooter 3, which was used to set the parameters for the script:

  • Number of photos was set to 78
  • Interval between photos was set to 30 seconds

From within Smart Shooter 3, the time lapse script is easily accessible by selecting it from the top menu bar:

Here is the script that was used to take these photos:

set total_delay 0

if { [info exists start_time] } {
    set sec [clock seconds]
    if { $sec < $start_time } {
        set total_delay [expr $total_delay + ($start_time - $sec)]

if { [info exists initial_delay] } {
    set total_delay [expr $total_delay + $initial_delay]

if { $total_delay > 0 } {
    puts "Delaying start of script for $total_delay second(s)"
    SmartShooter Wait $total_delay

set i 1

while { $i <= $num_photos } {

    if { $i != 1 } {
        SmartShooter Wait $time_interval

    puts "Taking photo $i"

    SmartShooter TakePhoto

    incr i