Smart Shooter 5 is now available to purchase from the Tether Tools website:

Smart Shooter 5

  • Windows App
  • v5.3
  • 58.89 MB
  • 26th March 2024
  • smartshooter_win_v5_3.msi
  • Download
  • Mac App
  • v5.3
  • 53.21 MB
  • 26th March 2024
  • smartshooter_mac_v5_3.dmg
  • Download


For instructions on how to install and operate the software, and more detailed information on the various features, please refer to the Documentation.

Discussion Forums

If you have general or technical questions, want to report a bug or request a new features, or just share information with other users, please visit our Forums.

Trial Period

You can use Smart Shooter 5 for a trial period without buying a license. The trial period lasts a fixed amount of time of one month, after which the software will become locked. To unlock it, you will then need to purchase a license.

Once you have purchased a license, you can unlock the software again using the license key, For instructions on how to do this, please refer to the Activation documentation.

Release Notes

For information on whats changed in each new version, please refer to the Release Notes.

The End User License Agreement (EULA) is included in the software installer package. The EULA document is also available for download here.