Smart Shooter Blog

Tethered Shooting with Lightroom Auto Import

Posted on 25th November 2014

Lightroom has its own built-in support for tethered shooting, but when compared to a dedicated application these capabilities are very limited. Lightroom can tether to a single camera, and show the current aperture, shutter speed, and ISO, but not much else. There is a single button to trigger the shutter, but thats the only remote operation you can do. But of course the great benefit is that new photos are automatically imported into Lightroom, so you can view and work on them immediately. [...]

Canon and Nikon Live View Quality

Posted on 17th August 2011

One of the features I'm working on for Smart Shooter is improving how live view works. That is, adding the ability to view the live view images from multiple camera simultaneously, and even to use a dual camera rig to view a realtime stereo anaglyphic preview. An interesting observation will doing this is how much the live view output varies between different cameras [...]

The Famous com.trolltech.plist Problem

Posted on 14th May 2011

The latest release of Smart Shooter has finally passed the Apple app store review! The previous attempt had been rejected by Apple, with the reason being: 2.30 Apps that do not comply with the Mac OS X File System documentation will be rejected In particular the report stated that a rogue file was being created [...]

Using ditto to strip Mac app bundles

Posted on 1st May 2011

The last update of Smart Shooter was unexpectedly rejected during the submission process, immediately after upload to the app store. This was a bit puzzling at first, as the previous update submission has been accepted with no problems, and this update was a fairly minor code change – there was no major changes in either [...]

Qt and the Mac app store

Posted on 17th March 2011

If you are using Qt on the Mac, then you are either: Using qmake to generate some makefiles, which you then build on the command line Using qmake to generate a Xcode project, which you then build via the Xcode IDE. Or maybe you are just using QtCreator, in which case option 1 is being [...]

Building for the Mac app store

Posted on 17th March 2011

I recently did the development work to update Smart Shooter for submission to the Mac app store. There is already a Mac version of Smart Shooter, but the build process uses qmake (from the Qt SDK) and makefiles, and hence does not use Apple's Xcode IDE at all. There are valid reasons for this [...]